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Next Breathe-Implant Workshop:

Fr. December 2, 2016

Live Surgeries: Open and Closed Rhinoplasty Techniques
Lectures: In English
At IRDC in Leipzig Germany
Course director: Prof. Dr. G. Strauss
Invited Guest Speaker: Prof. Daniel F. à Wengen 


At IRDC in Leipzig: 

For further information on breathe-implant (in German) see also: www.swissear.ch

The New Titanium Implant "Breathe-Implant" was designed to provide patients with a permanent and stable nose by holding open the nasal valve area.

The thickness of only 0.5 mm helps to camouflage the implant in the soft tissue of the nose.

Breathe-Implant is the permanent solution replacing the Sticker Tapes like Breathe-Right attached on the skin of the nose.

Surgery includes Open Rhinoplasty and can be performed in an outpatient setting. 
When surgery also includes septoplasty and trubinectomy general anesthesia is the rule. Breathe-Implant Surgery can also be performed under Local Anesthesia.

Breathe-Implant is positioned between two layers of cartilage: this provides a safe and stable position.

The shape of the nose is not altered.

Functional results are excellent. Patients report a significant improvement of their breathing ability. This is also proven by better results in rhinomanometry.

Main indications:
- high and narrow nose
- nasal collapse
- nasal obstruction
- need for better breathing in Sports
- old age: decreased stiffness of soft tissue of the nose
- after rhinoplasty: unstable soft tissue
- against snoring  

Report on a lady in London who stoped snoring after Breathe-Implant Surgery:

See Breathe-Implant Surgery on Youtube:
 Open Rhinoplasty Technique:

 Closed Rhinoplasty Technique:

After the first implantation in October 2003 there was not a single infection.
The risk for exposure or extrusion of Breathe-Implant is minimal.
Breathe-Implant has been used in several countries in Europe and around the world for more than 10 years.

CE Mark in 2003
FDA application: approval pending

Heinz Kurz GmbH, Dusslingen, Germany

Worldwide provider: Karl-Storz, Tuttlingen Germany

Surgical Workshops for Breathe-Implant